Monday, 12 March 2012

Mrs Mouse's Garden Party

I am working on a new children's book for Thistlewood Publishing entitled Mrs Mouse's Garden Party.  It will hopefully be released later this year.  Check out some of the pictures I have painted for this book

Mrs Mouse having a bath

This is the picture I am currently working on

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Pixie Book Series

I am currently working illustrating a childrens book for Thistlewood Publishing USA and my sister Colleen Mitchell who has written a delightful story of two little pixies on an adventure in Fantail Forest.  The book is titled "The Amazing Adventure of Amber and April" and will be released for sale around November this year.  It will be available in all online bookstores or directly from myself or my sister at Colleen Mitchell Books.  The pixies are based on Colleen's two grandchildren Amber and April, and this is the first book of the pixie series she is writing.

 This is the link to Colleen Mitchell's blog

This is their home;  Huggle Tree in Fantail Forest

 Amber and April meet Morepork the wise owl.

Karen Anne Daly

Welcome to Bluefairy Creations.

My name is Karen Anne Daly.  I am an artist, living in Levin, New Zealand.  

I have been drawing and painting for most of my life, and feel a strong link to my environment, to the land, plants and trees.
Nature has always been a primary influence in my art.  I find I am constantly drawn to natural shapes and forms, the way light shines through them, illuminating what is deeper within.
My techniques involve working with layers of colour or imagery to allow parts of the underlying picture and light to show through.  I aim for a transient feel, imitating nature as it constantly changes and adapts, reacting to the seasons, light and shadow throughout the day all around us. 
My oil paintings follow a Spiritual theme.  I aim for a soul quality in my pictures, shown especially as areas of light. 

For some pictures I include a verse I have written, inspired by my own personal response to the subject.  This I use to enhance the subject, and add another dimension of communication between myself and the viewer.

The end result is pictures that the viewer can look deeper into, through multiple layers, and discover more from each time.  Through this I hope to impart a feeling of mystery, and a sense of our own ongoing link between what is natural and Spiritual within us, and within our environment.